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Let Petro Safety Services Become YOUR Best Safety Services Provider

Petro Safety Services [PSS] does not want to be the world’s leading provider of comprehensive safety services. We want to be the Best!  ...Bigger is Not Always Better...we focus on the client and their unique needs to accomplish real goals, not promises which never materialize.

Capabilities. Our  expertise affords you top safety performance, on time and within budget, everyday....

People. We hire  the best  and demand continual improvement.

Processes. We have partnered with the best firms for service delivery, support and training so that we can offer the latest and best solutions available.

Expertise. Anyone can sell you a system or service, but not everyone has the knowledge, experience or leadership you need for measurable results.

Products. Count on  PSS to deliver a realistic product solution which solves problems based on your actual needs, not a standard template which many firms "cookie cut". PSS understands that every job  or project has unique safety needs.


Mission Statement

Simple... Zero Incidents Improved Your ROI -

PSS identifies, corrects, and becomes your catalyst in the prevention of health, safety, and environmental incidents, which adversely affect your employees, our customers, or the general public. The ultimate goal is zero incidents.

The ROI on $1 Spent on Safety -   A recent Liberty Mutual poll of executives shows that for every $1 spent on direct costs related to an accident, there are another $3 to $5 worth of indirect costs...putting the actual cost of an accident (with direct medical and compensation costs of $15,000) at somewhere between $45,000 and $75,000. Most executives polled by Liberty Mutual said that for every $1 their company spent on workplace safety, they saved at least $3. 

OSHA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs reports savings of $4 to $6 for every $1 invested in safety.

PSS's Mission is to assist your firm to meet or exceed these ROI Benchmarks and achieve  ZERO Incidents.


On-Site Services


From assessment through implementation and enforcement, let PSS be your authority for developing and maintaining your safe workplace. PSS offers effective and economical solutions for your toughest safety challenges. 

We base our action plans on your company’s situation and need, rather than a canned approach. 

On-Target Services -Whether conducting safety audits, designing safety or regulatory compliance programs, or furnishing comprehensive solutions to the problems facing your organization. 

Our efforts provide improvements in security, reduction of costs, increased productivity, and employee morale.

Blended Training - What best describes the deliverables... "Blended Training" is now becoming increasingly used by companies to describe the way they combine traditional and electronic learning, to provide the best overall results. 

Simply put, PSS combines the best face-to-face training with the implementation of computer based training technologies to maximize training completion, comprehension and effectiveness.


Training Services & Products

On-Site Training
CBT Training
CD Trainer
WEB Based Training
Custom Training Development

Web Based Training Portal

 PSS Online Training Site

On-Site Instructor Lead, Computer Based and WEB Training Products

With the  "Load & Go" Training System® you have full ownership of our industry-best materials. Rest assured that your organization is receiving proven training materials with  "Load & Go" Training System®. 

The  "Load & Go" Training System® was created with a simple mission: To create a new avenue of delivering more of our highest-quality training materials to our best customers with prices that save them a considerable portion of their training budgets. 

Whether you have a team of instructional designers ready to create new learning objectives for your LMS or your needs are to simply roll out materials for self-paced learning this ownership license has you well covered.

With "Load & Go" Training System®, employees can be given safety and regulatory compliance training by instructors, on stand-alone PCs or via the WEB... at any time. anywhere. These delivery methods provide "No Excuses®" for not taking the training.


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