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Blended Training - What best describes the deliverables... "Blended Training" is now becoming increasingly used by companies to describe the way they combine traditional and electronic learning, to provide the best overall results.

SafetyPoints® CD Trainer, The "Missing Link" for  Blended Training. A single CD with more than 70+ courses. No Software ( IT issues) to Install or Technical Skills Needed-Browser Based with Full Narration. Trainee Handouts, Testing  for Group or Single  Trainee,  Trainer’s Guide, Training Matrix Sheets, Database for training records. 

Everything on One Portable CD...Insert into any CPU CD Drive and Deliver Training to a Group or Individual.

    CD Trainer


PSS’s Basic Training Series is listed below . Individual training programs unique to your specific needs are also available. All instruction is followed by examination with training documentation consisting of the signed class roster, electronic validation and individual examination.

Safety-Health                                                                                                                Accident Investigation
Back Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens
Confined Spaces

Crane Safety
Driving Safety
Driving Skills*

Drug & Alcohol for Employees
Drug & Alcohol for Supervisors
Electrical Safety (Unqualified)

Emergency Planning
Eye Safety

Fall Protection
Fire Safety

First Aid
Forklift Training (Unqualified)

HAZCOM (Right To Know)
HAZWOPER (Intro.)                                                                                                                                               Heat Stress
Hearing Protection & Safety
Hand & Power Tool Safety

Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety
Hot Work Permits
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Lockout / Tagout

Machine Guards

Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Rigging Safety
Root Cause                                                                                                                                                              Safety Housekeeping
Safety Orientation for New Hires
Safe Work Practices*
Slips, Trips & Falls
Trenching & Shoring Safety
Welding Safety 

EMS Awareness*
EMS Awareness- Manager*
EMS Awareness-Field Version*
Storm Water*
HazWoper 8 Hour                                      


Oilfield Training based onIADC RigPass -Land / Offshore

 Other                                                                                                                                                                  DOT Driver Wellness*                                                                                                                                             Highway Watch*                                                                                                                                                        Tanker Driving                                                 

KEY: Spanish (CBT|WEB Only)

* Instructor Led & WEB Only  

Additional Courses added as needed...                         

On-Site Training
CBT Training
CD Trainer
WEB Based Training
Custom Training Development



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