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SafetyPoints Safeworkday offers our high quality safety training courses in SCORM 1.2 format plus we include other compatible formats compatible with most LMS systems for multiple delivery and training options.


Our courses include:



Many clients who have used an alternative eLearning content provider tell us our courses are much more effective AND less expensive! We test your LMS for delivery before purchase. Verified LMS installation; Convergence, SABA, SumTotal, RISC, SuccessFactors, MaxiT, Blackboard, Moodle, Cornerstone and many more.. and we can do your LMS course(s) install if requested (time charge)!


Details – Courseware Content Information for Your LMS

USES: This courses are designed to provide initial training or annual refresher training and covers all of the basics. Graphic images of injuries are used throughout the course. We also recommend using this course as a pre-requisite to your hands-on training sessions.

WHY: These are upload-able SCORM Courses to your LMS (Learning Management System. Once you receive them they are yours to use in your learning management system. Your employees may review the material as many times as needed.

Includes: Once you purchase the course you have 365 days of access to updates. These updates are free of charge and give you time to modify your  course templates to make your courses work and company specific training. You may not resell the course package

Functionality: Upload into your LMS using the manifest file Launch within your system Track student progress  Bookmark their exit point  Provide a test which will send a mastery score to your system Records Completion.

01: Is eLearning effective?

Yes! eLearning provides users with on-demand, real time support for their software questions. Learners can proceed through a course at their own pace, or select individual lessons that cover specific skills they need help with

02: Will eLearning content save money?

Yes! Purchasing with a full use license with no residual charges gives you full ownership to the courses for in-house use. You make the courses your own with all the course source fills provided for editing and changing as you need without additional charges.

03: What options are there for purchasing your eLearning?
You can purchase our courses on CD, or through our LMS at www.safeworkday.com. We offer CD options for individual use, learning libraries, network installation and for installation on a corporate LMS. Just give us a call!

04: Can we use your courses on our LMS?
Sure, as long as your LMS is SCORM compliant and we give you other options for install such as video, html versions which we include the quizzes for you to use in your LMS.
05: Are your courses SCORM compliant?
Yes, all of our courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant. “SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a set of standards for e-learning courses that helps to ensure that content will work on an LMS”.

06: Can I test the full course content prior to purchase?
Yes. We can provide you with limited online access to test the courses you are interested in purchasing. Please tell us about your project in our Contact form and include the names of the courses you wish to test.

07: What if I need technical support?
If you should require technical support, we would be happy to help you. You can reach us via email, telephone or via the contact form on our website.
08: Can learners set bookmarks so that they can begin where they left off in the previous session?

09: What versions of SCORM do you support?

There are five versions of SCORM right now – 1.1, 1.2 and 2004, second, third and fourth editions. The most widely adopted is SCORM 1.2, so you’ll want that version at a minimum. SCORM 2004 adds some great functionality but it’s not quite as commonly used. Yet.

10: What is your minimum purchase?

5 courses minimum...

11: Do you offer customization services?
Yes. The cost depends on 1) the scope and amount of hours and 2) whether it is a feature of general interest that would make sense to add to a future release (given that you'd be willing to wait). We have many resources available for custom efforts and are able to offer them at highly competitive rates.

12: WHY?  In comparison to other vendors...Your prices appear low at $250 a course with a full unlimited use license.
We are committed to "keeping it simple" and delivering quality elearning options for in-house use for any company. We strive to give you the opportunity to do your best work by giving you the ability to make your course company and work specific for truly compliance training. We believe firmly that when you are successful, we are successful. Many of our courses have been producing a revenue stream for years...In short, they have paid for themselves several times over and we pass some savings on to you.


Benefits of SafeWorkday SafetyPoints Content for your LMS
Adding a SafeWorkday SafetyPoints© SCORM course to your own Learning Management System is easily achieved. You can simply purchase the chosen course; then when you receive your course(s) package upload the course straight into your Learning Management System.

For example you can choose our latest Fire Safety and Prevention course which provides the user with essential information on fire safety, manual handling, computer safety and much more.

Along the way, you will be able to interact with the course to test your knowledge on the subject area. Most Learning Management System’s will allow you to track user’s successes or failures and our courses are available with or without a built in competency test as required.

This with the SafeWorkday SafetyPoints© course templates you can:

     Insert your own training materials, courses, videos, policies, and PowerPoint presentations.
     Add logos, graphics, quiz questions, and answers.
     Include a CEO video or written message to employees.
     Edit videos to match your policies and practices.
     Update the courses as needed for work, compliance and site specific content.
     Output your own versions in SCORM or other formats such as TIN CAN/HTML5/Storyline, Adobe and more.

Or, let our customization team carefully and quickly adjust materials to meet your organization's needs, seamlessly integrating graphics and content to match policies, practices, logos, and brands for a time/material charge..

SafeWorkday SafetyPoints© SCORM compliant Health & Safety course library - If you already have an Learning Management System (LMS) in place and simply require the best possible Health & Safety training content to add to your current curriculum then look no further than the SafeWorkday SafetyPoints© solution. You can either opt to purchase a license for our entire library or pick and choose to meet your current needs.