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What is the difference between MOODLE 1.9 and MOODLE 3.0?

We recommend MOODLE 1.9 for firms which desire the basics of online training. MOODLE 3.0 is more resource intensive. and offers added features which may be useful for larger firms. This is why we would like to discuss with you the use of 3.0 so we can assit you in making a good decision...

Can I reuse Active Users?

You can re-use an Active User slot by suspending the dormant user and recycle it for new enrollments.

How do I pay for my CDP LMS Licences?

We accept all major credit cards which are processed using a secure payment gateway. Wire transfer is also accepted and payments are processed.

What training will I receive?

We will provide you with primary training to get you started with CDP Managed Moodle LMS.

What are your hours of support?

Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm U.S. EST, emergencies are supported 24/7/365.

With the pricing is it possible to upload all file formats?

You can rapidly build training courses by uploading your existing training material. Upload your Videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word, Excel and other related training documents, CDP Managed Moodle  LMS is also Scorm / AICC Compatible.

Is Multi-Tenant feature included in the standard pricing?

Multi-Tenancy is an additional feature that allows you to run extended enterprise learning projects. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to download any software?

No. There is no software to download - CDP Managed Moodle LMS is a hosted on Siteground, on-demand training system. You can access, deliver and track training from anywhere - all you need is an internet connection.

Do you sell off-the-shelf courses?

Yes, we do...  we currently provide 75 + Safety courses with your system... others are available for $450 each.

What’s included with CDP Managed Moodle LMS ?

CDP Managed Moodle LMS includes Gamification (3.0), Social Learning(1.9/3.0), Blended Learning(1.9/3.0), Mobile Learning(3.0), Advanced Reporting(1.9/3.0), Scorm(1.9/3.0) / AICC(1.9/3.0) /  Learning Paths(3.0), Performance Management(3.0), Custom Branding(1.9/3.0), Certifications(1.9/3.0).

Are there any additional charges?

Based on your project our development team may need to meet some extra requirements, so some additional charges could be applicable.

What happens when I exceed the number of users I have purchased? Will new users be able to register?

Nothing...train as many as you need.

What happens if I reach the maximum number of active users?

There is no maximum users cap.

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