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 TOOLS for NEW SITE START-UP & Existing Site Modifications Information
Site Setup Information for New and Existing Site Modifications Documentation for New site creations and existing site edits. [1]
Profile Fields Worksheet for New Sites (Excel) Used to provide New Site profile fields [described in 1 & A]
Trainee Course Enrollment Sheet [New or Existing Sites] (Excel) Used to provide Trainee Enrollment [New Site or Existing] [described in 1 & A]
Up-Dated List for 2016 Used for Above
Trainee Data User Upload Sheet [New or Existing Sites] (Excel) Used to provide Trainee Uploads [New Site or Existing] [described in 1 & A]
  Helpful Tool Links for You - Training Help & Training Matrix Organization
 "Quick-Start Guide" Administrator documentation of site software & use. Includes blended training recordkeeping (classroom) in LMS database [A]
Site Courses and Sample Training Matrix (s) Consolidated course list and sample training matrix(s).
OSHA Cross Reference Guide OSHA Regs. and course cross reference.
Sample Core Training Courses Course List and core training recommendation.
Up-Dated List for 2016 Course List and core training recommendation.
Sample Training Matrix (01) excel Spreadsheet for Determining OSHA Safety Training Requirements
Sample Training Matrix (02) pdf Training Matrix by job type.
Sample Training Matrix (03) pdf Gulf of Mexico / Deepwater On-site Contractor training matrix.
Sample Training Matrix (04) pdf SEMS Tool-Regulatory Mandated Training - Production [DRAFT]
 Course TEXT Files
Course  Titles (Text)  Course list in text document for your use.
Help Movies for Your Use
0.0 Your Site Home Page
1.0 Trainee Setup and Enrollment
2.0 Category Introduction
2.1 Category Development for Ease of Enrollment
3.0 Taking a Course (HTML)
4.0 Setup for Exception Reports
5.0 Reports Introduction
5.1 Reports Interaction Practice
6.0 Reset Cookies
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