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SafeWorkday SafetyPoints

Designed... To Keep it Simple ...
For Any Size Firm to have Affordable On-line HSE Training.

Includes Learning Management System (LMS), 400+ Courses. Free Setup / Support & much more!

With CDP's Safeworkday SafetyPoints Training Software as a Service (T-SaaS), you can afford to train; a Department, a Division or an entire company from the Cloud. Benefits includes a low cost, [90.8% Cost Savings! ] zero infrastructure, and scalability from small teams to thousands of simultaneous users. Online Delivery / Tracking / Reporting Software and 400+ Modules (Content Catalog) provided complete training reports with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incomplete training. Course editing available for company and site specific content.

Why Is Our System Better?
Designed by Safety Folks for Safety Folks...


Intuitive and Simple

Everything is where it should be. We
believe that your experience with our
software shouldn’t involve wasting time
figuring out how to use the platform, so
we’ve designed for natural navigation.


Simple Setup

It’s like this—we do pretty much
everything and get right on it. Integrating
with other system software and training
materials is not a problem. We will guide
you down the straightest path and won’t
leave you stranded..


Simple to Support

The SafeWorkday Client Service Team is
kind of a big deal around here. We
support everything we offer. Our people
want to help and will take care of you,


Notifications | Surveys and Evaluations | Branded Interface | 400 plus courses (Content Catalog) with unlimited use plus much more...

Tracking & Reporting

Track training in real time, centralize recordkeeping, and be more productive, all while keeping your employees aware
of their progress. Measure success and improvement with testing and custom reporting.

Support Live Training Programs

Whether employees take an on demand course or attend a safety meeting, our safety training systems can track all your training activities with live event tracking.


Upload Your Own Content

Do you have an existing library of assets you want to use? Whether your assets are PDF’s,films, PowerPoint decks, YouTube links or SCORM and AICC content, there’s a place for that material in our safety training systems. We will work with you on integrating assets.


Easily combine training activities into a single curriculum to make tracking completions easier and more organized. Employees receive one certificate of completion for all the training activities. All while tracking the time spent.



Some Clients


Pricing-Unlimited Training on all courses. 

Seats                          Annual Price > Per Person** 

25-99                                          $69.00 

100-199                                      $60.00 

200-299                                     $49.00 

300-499                                     $39.00 

500-749                                     Call 

Fill form below or call: 713.305.7648


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