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Electrical Safety - Unqualified Content Example
SCORM & WEB Version MP4 Video MP3 Podcast Audio PowerPoint with Narration Course Quiz Course Handout

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Course List

Accident Investigation
Access to Medical Records    
Aerial Lifts       
Back Safety
Basic Rules & Policies         
Behavioral Based Safety     
Blood borne Pathogens         
Cold Weather            
Confined Space
Crane Safety             
Driving Safety             
Driving Skills
Drug & Alcohol             
Electrical Safety      
Emergency Plan
Emergency Response
Environmental Awareness     
Trenching & Shoring
Eye Safety             
Fall Prevention         
Fire Prevention & Safety
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid             
Forklift - Classroom         
Flash Arc NFPA 70E
Hand & Power Tool         
Hand, Wrist & Finger
Harassment and Discrimination       
HAZCOM - Right to Know     
Hearing Conservation
Heat Exhaustion [Stress]     
Hot Work             
How to Avoid Pinch Points
Hydrogen Sulfide         
Introduction to OSHA         
Introduction to HazWoper
Journey Management
Land Transportation
Leadership Skills                
Lockout TAGOUT             
Machine Guards
Near Miss             
Employee Safety Orientation 
Occupational Health     
PPE & You             
Progressive Discipline
Respiratory Safety
Return to Work        
Root Cause
Safety Attitudes & Actions     
Safety Housekeeping         
Safety Signs & Tags
Short Service Employee
Slips Trips Falls
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work             
Storm Water             
Welding & Brazing
Hazard Recognition         
Walking Working Surfaces     
Workplace Violence
Train the Trainer                
Subcontractor Management
Warehouse Safety



The courses and resources in this package should be reviewed to assure that the information conforms to recommended procedures, as well as to any federal, state or local laws regarding any facility’s operation. The producer makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that the information in this course is accurate or appropriate for any particular facility’s environment, or any individual employee’s situation. Additionally, the presentations in this site are designed to assist companies and their trainers to conduct safety awareness training for their workers. Since workers are the target audience, the presentations places emphasize on hazard identification, avoidance and control - not standards.


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