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WeFinish...Creating Your Online or Classroom Courses

WeFinish(TM)  takes your PowerPoint (PPT) files...quizzes... and converts them into responsive HTML5 and Flash presentations that you can launch and track through a Learning Management System (LMS) or to engage trainees in the Classroom. 


HTML5 allows you to share presentations online. Converting PowerPoint to HTML5 enables you to view presentations on any device - iPad’s, iPhone’s, Android’s and other devices. Retains almost all special effects in your presentation.


PPT to Flash conversion technology allows user to create web-ready Flash presentations from PowerPoint. Converted output perfectly retains all major animations & transitions effects of original presentation.

LMS & Classroom Ready

Develop interactive presentations for desktops, laptops, Android tablets, iPads & iPhone. LMS ready SCORM compliant with testing! Developing an e-Learning package with support on all devices is now very easy with "WeFinish(TM)"

$45.00 per slide

YouTube & Video Support
Narration & Continuous Audio
Animated Gifs
Optimize compression of images
Animations & Transitions
No Additional Plugins
Cross browser compatibility
Search Engine friendly
Improved Semantics
Improved Accessibility
Your Quizzes
SCORM (1.2, 2004 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition compatible presentation) 

All the Source Files

WeFinish Courseware provides you with everything you would expect from an off-the-shelf training program with one additional and crucial benefit—you get all of the source files. And we mean ALL of them... for you to keep your courses evergreen!


Online + Classroom Training

Why limit yourself to just an eLearning course or just an instructor-led package when you could have both! Get the flexibility to determine how to best deliver your content—online, ILT, or as blended learning.


Reviewed by Expert SMEs

If needed, your course is review by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), to assure the content quality and compliance. 

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