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Excite your Trainees with SafetyPoints® Safety Games

90+ Games
The Safety Arcade is a library of fun, mobile-ready, casual games covering safety topics that can be rapidly deployed to reinforce training and improve learning outcomes. No programing skills are necessary. Use our games and use them to share online, use in your favorite eLearning authoring tool or deliver in a Learning Management System (LMS).

The games can be used for stand-alone playback (1), playback on multiple CPUs on your network (2) or online placed on your server (3).

Network and online playback is accomplished by copying the Games Folder from the USB to a location (path for network | URL address on server) and linking to the index.html in each game title folder. You can also create a MENU page with the game name which links to that game index.html file for group organization for playback.

This can be accomplish with MS Word, PowerPoint or any software tool allowing hyperlinks.

SafetyPoints® PowerPoint® Training Presentations for Classroom or Online Course Development

200+ SafetyPoints® PowerPoints - PROFESSIONAL
The SafetyPoints® HSE CORE 200+ are editable course PowerPonts® to make training company and work specific... For classroom training or online course development.

The Safety Training presentations are a tool that you use to do the actual employee training. It comes in an easy to use and fully editable PowerPoint© Program along with quizzes used by many trainers and firms for OSHA General Awareness, OSHA 10 / 30 Hour outreach, Basic Plus, HazWoper 8 Hour, Security, Hazard Awareness, Focus Four and IADC RigPass / SafeLandUSA training programs. Having these program in-house provides trainers with greater flexibility with a proven ROI.

Over 30 Years Experience...designing OSHA compliant safety software and programs since 1988. Our team is led by Troy Hackworth, who has pioneered many of safety programs currently on the market. We have authored more than 1,000+ training programs relating to HSE, DOT and related topics along with custom programs for many Fortune 500 firms covering nearly the entire spectrum of compliance topics.

These high quality programs are the same used for the development of online training used to train 10s of thousands of students for firms worldwide. 

SafetyPoints® Safety Briefs®
Micro-Learning Training Presentations

50+ SafetyBriefs® and 100+ Videos
Micro-learning content is delivered in small, easily digested “bites” designed to increase learner retention, engagement and performance. Success depends on how it’s integrated into the overall learning strategy.

Most L&D professionals agree that micro-learning — when done right — provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement, and improves overall workplace performance. Most of all, it enables employees in new roles to become productive on the job sooner.

Recent research shows that 41% of organizations have micro-learning as a training priority and only 19% understand that the design and development of micro-learning is key to success.

A best practice is to not use micro-learning as a stand-alone learning vehicle, but rather as a supplemental component to reinforce critical pieces of information. Micro-learning requires thoughtfulness in how it’s strategically integrated to ensure success. 


Extras are tools, documents, forms and safety PowerPoints which may be of assistance in your safety program development , implementation and documentation.

A Safety Program Manual (IIPP in California) designed to meet the audit requirements of ISN, Avetta, or BROWZ.  The manual includes all the Safety Sections required by the Audit Company plus safety documentation forms.

A 1600 plus pages safety manual/IIPP in MS Word for a contractor subject to safety program audits by ISN, Avetta or BROWZ.  The manual includes all of the Safety Sections required by the Auditing Company.

The Extras materials are designed to assist you to develop your safety program from scratch of improve the program you have…includes 100s of safety videos... 

Level 1 Professional Development

Level I - Basic Presentation. These course are the simplist level of courseware development in that Level I lessons are linear (one idea after another), and are used primarily for introducing an idea or concept (Awareness training). There is little interaction, other than the student touching the screen or using a keystroke or mouse click to continue. The media used are primarily text and graphics (not complex-using PowerPoint tool). These also serve as the core content for conversion to higher levels of development(Level II,III) using tools such as Articulate 360, ISpring, Lectora, Camtasia etc. Estimated Average Cost per Hour Of Instruction: $1,900.00 to $2,170.00*.

Being conservative and giving a development cost of $1,000.00 each; the price to develop the entire package would be in excess of $185,000.00!

*Source Information: Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design (Link)
Interactive Courseware (ICW) Development Costs for Multimedia and Computer Based Training (CBT): (U.S. Navy Estimate - Klein, Mallory, Safstrom) 

90+ Games 200+ PowerPoints 50+ SafetyBriefs | 100+ Videos for $1,899.00 plus S&H!

Why do we do it?
WE ARE SAFETY FOLKS...we know how hard it is to get funds for quality safety tools and programs. These courses are used by our clients, many for 20+ years generating revenues recovering costs reducing our investment. We pass savings to safety folks with a proven ROI (Return on Investment), recovering $1,900+ per hour of training development time, with a 100% guarantee! It's a WIN-WIN. 
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