50+ SafetyPoints Games | 185+ SafetyPoints PowerPoints and Quizzes | 50 + SafetyPoints Picro Briefs | Safety Manual and many extras.

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The SafeWorkday SafetyPoints Safety Arcade and Course library has the tools to train for the Hiring Client, OSHA Compliance and training requirements...
  • 50+ casual safety topical games,
  • 185+ PROFESSIONAL Safety PowerPoints & quizzes ready to edit cof company ans work specific content
  • PowerPoints and Tests for the RigPass / Safeland USA curriculum*
  • 8 Hour HazWoper
  • 50+ safety Micro-Learning courses and many extras...and much more!
You need no programing skills. You can duplicate and share these products company-wide for a single price. Use in your favorite eLearning authoring tool to deliver in a Learning Management System (LMS) or classroom.
* used by many firms to achieve accreditation

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