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SafeWorkday SafetyPoints
Customizable HSE Courseware

We Build It, You Brand It,
Make it Company Work and Site Specific

The HSE CORE 75 are editable course templates to make training company and work specific... use templates with Articulate Presenter, Storyline, Adobe Captivate and many other course development software.
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Companies struggle with building, acquiring and managing their content assets. SafeWorkday SafetyPoints uniquely provides “Content as a Purchase” (CaaP) which removes the burden of online content management, reduces costs, increases training efficiency and greatly improves user experience. By reducing overhead and infrastructure administration, organizations realize substantial cost savings and ensure faster, more reliable content delivery. Much more than just content, CaaP provides the RAW materials to build your own, deliver our off-the-shelf to start training with the ability to have continual improvement for site and work specific content. CaaP enables you to focus on what matters--- the quality and effectiveness of your training. 

Save Time & Money With Customizable Safety and Compliance Courseware

Customizable Courseware bridges the time, money, and resource gap between eLearning templates and custom course development.

We offer a growing catalog of pre-built courses that span many different topics for safety and compliance. Courses are built in popular tools and include the source files needed to customize to your safety and compliance training needs. 

Build a Complete Safety & Compliance Training Program in Mere Minutes

Choose some—or all—of the modules in our catalog to create your perfect program.

 You’ll find safety & compliance training topics in our courseware catalog that cover many areas, including: 


Accident Investigation
Access to Medical Records
Aerial Lifts
Back Safety
Basic Rules & Policies
Behavioral Based Safety
Blood borne Pathogens
Cold Weather
Confined Space
Crane Safety
Driving Safety
Driving Skills
Drug & Alcohol
Electrical Safety
Emergency Plan
Emergency Response
Environmental Awareness
Trenching & Shoring
Eye Safety
Fall Prevention
Fire Prevention & Safety
Fire Extinguishers

First Aid
Forklift - Classroom
Flash Arc NFPA 70E
Hand & Power Tool
Hand, Wrist & Finger
Harassment and Discrimination
HAZCOM - Right to Know
Hearing Conservation
Heat Exhaustion [Stress]
Hot Work
How to Avoid Pinch Points
Hydrogen Sulfide
Introduction to OSHA
Introduction to HazWoper
Journey Management
Land Transportation
Leadership Skills
Lockout TAGOUT
Machine Guards
Near Miss
Employee Safety Orientation

Occupational Health
PPE & You
Progressive Discipline
Respiratory Safety
Return to Work
Root Cause
Safety Attitudes & Actions
Safety Housekeeping
Safety Signs & Tags
Short Service Employee
Slips Trips Falls
Stairs & Ladders
Stop Work
Storm Water
Welding & Brazing
Hazard Recognition
Walking Working Surfaces
Workplace Violence
Train the Trainer
Subcontractor Management
Warehouse Safety

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Why Start From Scratch When You Can Customize?
Let Us Save You 100s of Hours of Development Time & 1000s of dollars!

Typical time to create a single course!


Instructional Design & Writing

40 hrs



20 hrs


eLearning Development

80 hrs


Classroom Materials

20 hrs


Content Validation

5 hrs


Platform Testing

5 hrs

A team of one can deliver customized Safety and Compliance learning with Customizable Courseware! Call to start adding courses to your library: 713.305.7648 

We have some of the top instructional designers and eLearning developers right here at Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. And they’ve created full courses for you to customize to your exact training needs! Weeks of design and development time are baked into every course:

Level I - Basic Presentation. This is the lowest level of courseware development in that Level I lessons are linear (one idea after another), and are used primarily for introducing an idea or concept. There is little interaction, other than the student touching the screen or using a keystroke or mouse click to continue. The media used are primarily text and graphics (not complex). Estimated Average Cost per Hour Of Instruction - $1,901.00 to $2,170.00
Level II - OUR CDP CORE MODEL - Medium Simulation Presentation. This presentation level involves the recall of more information than a basic Level I presentation and allows the student to have increased control over lesson presentation; that is, there is more interaction, such as using a light pen to rotate a switch. CMI is used in Level II lessons to track and analyze student performance. Level II normally combines audio, video, text, graphics and animation. Estimated Average Cost Per Hour Of Instruction - $3,768.00. We build the courses once, continuously improve the courses, sell to multiple firms to reduce the costs. Lets be conservative and price build cost at $2500 per course.... 75 X $2500 = $187,500... in-house or third party development, saving your firm hours of development time and lots of money.
Level III - High Simulation Presentation. This level involves aspects of both Level I and Level II while using the full abilities of ICW. Level III may present on screen interaction similar to that used in an aircraft simulator. This level provides a high degree of interactivity, extensive branching capability, maximum mediation opportunity (supports multiple levels of errors), real-time event simulation with minor equipment limitations, capability to interface with other output devices, and thorough CMI capability. Estimated Average Cost Per Hour Of Instruction - $7,183.00

Click for Source Information: Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design
Interactive Courseware (ICW) Development Costs for Multimedia and Computer Based Training (CBT): (U.S. Navy Estimate - Klein, Mallory, Safstrom) 

Purchase Options:

Option 1: Just PowerPoint+  -
50+ SafetyGames, 185+ Safety PowerPoint Courses & 50+ SafetyBriefs Micro Learning courses for $1,899.00. 

Insert your own training materials, courses, videos, policies, and PowerPoint presentations.

Add logos, graphics, quiz questions, and answers.

Include a CEO video or written message to employees.

Edit PPTs to match your policies and practices.

If you convert 1 of the 185 courses into an online or classroom course you have more than recovered the cost of the package!

Games & SafetyBriefs:
The Safety Arcade is a library of fun, mobile-ready, casual games & SafetyBriefs covering safety topics that can be rapidly deployed to reinforce training and improve learning outcomes. No programing skills are necessary. Use our games and use them to share online, use in your favorite eLearning authoring tool or deliver in a Learning Management System (LMS).

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Option 2: Just PowerPoint++, Quiz and professional Narration | RAW files needed for SCORM/TIN CAN/Other course development - 75 courses for $11,375.00...

-for à la carte ordering (1-20) $499 per course; (21-40) $384 per course.

Insert your own training materials, courses, videos, policies, and PowerPoint presentations.

Add logos, graphics, quiz questions, and answers.

Include a CEO video or written message to employees.

Edit PPTs to match your policies and practices.

If you convert 4 of the 75 courses into an online or classroom course you have more than recovered the cost of the package!

NOTE: We use Articulate for SCORM 1.2 course creation. This option is designed to provide you with the RAW files for course creation with tools other than Articulate such as Adobe Captivate, iSpring, Microsoft PowerPoint MIX plug-in, Camtasia and/or any development tool which uses PPT, audio (mp3/wav), quiz creation to output consistent SCORM / TIN CAN / HTML5 courseware for your Learning Management System (LMS) and classroom training delivery, saving you lots of time and money. 

Option 3: SafetyPoints Ultimate... "Quick-Start" for saving time and money... 75 SCORM Courses to Start Training with Articulate Template for customization and keeping the courses "Evergreen" for $22,500.00...

-for à la carte ordering (1-20) $699 per course; (21-40) $560 per course.

These courses give you the flexibility to load individual training modules (we can provide (SCORM / TIN CAN / HTML5) into your existing learning management system (LMS). You have complete control over how you use the training courses at your firm... it’s like having your own inside production team... with an added advantage; full ownership & no reoccurring charges!...and if needed; Our (or your) customization team will carefully and quickly adjust materials to meet your organization's needs, seamlessly integrating graphics and content to match policies, practices, logos, and brands.

If you convert 8 of the 75 courses into an online or classroom course you have more than recovered the cost of the package!

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All the Source Files

Customizable Courseware provides you with everything you would expect from an off-the-shelf training program with one additional and crucial benefit—you get all of the source files. And we mean ALL of them! You can customize to fit your exact training needs


Online + Classroom Training

Why limit yourself to just an eLearning course or just an instructor-led package when you could have both?! Get the flexibility to determine how to best deliver your content—online, ILT, or as blended learning.


Created by Expert SMEs

Each course is written by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), professionally instructionally designed, and innovatively developed to provide interactive learning with an amazing visual design. 

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